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Falafel green cabbage slaw salad with capsicum and coriander topped with delicious sauce
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10366 reviews
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$9.96 avg. dinner
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70+ meals
$9.96 avg. dinner
Satay Chicken
Pumpkin Walnut Gnocchi
Minted Lamb and Feta Salad
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Company Information
YouFoodz believe in love, in freedom, and quality of life. They want people to experience a little more life and do more of what they love. By taking over the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, they save the average person up to 15 hours a week! That's over a month or 760 hours a year. It's not just about saving time though, they also provide a menu that's designed to make you feel amazing, with wholesome food that's good for the mind, body and soul. They have super clean options, but they also have flavoursome healthy alternatives that will help you keep your sanity where conventional diets do not. More importantly we're not just food, Youfoodz is a lifestyle! So whether you're trying to tone up for summer, maintain during winter or just want to have your food prep sorted for the convenience, they've got you covered with an exciting, ever-changing menu that will tick all the boxes from taste to nourishment.

Founded: 2012
Pickup Address:
Office Address: 4/52 Pritchard Rd, Virginia QLD 4014 Po Box 1 Virginia BC 4014
Office Phone Number: +61 7 3633 0708
Office Opening Hours:
  • Sat 08:00 - 13:00

10366 Reviews

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Connie. P
December 14, 2018
The food is delicious! I thought at first it would be bland and a tiny meal (not filling at all) but i was very wrong. They fill you up without being overfull and you know what your getting is healthy. I love how it tepls you how many calories it is on the packet and the packet is biodegradable so youre not making heaps of rubbish.
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Janet selby
December 14, 2018
I am loving you foodz so easy and great food my favourite would be stacked quesadillas and the granola yogurts are the best. No more shopping for me at supermarkets I can get all I need online
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Amy gallego
December 14, 2018
Food portions are perfect for weightloss. Eat what you want without depriving yourself off carbs. Meals are super tasty. Convenient and worry free.

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