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Falafel green cabbage slaw salad with capsicum and coriander topped with delicious sauce
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$8 avg. dinner
Bean Supreme Vegitarian Sausages Rosemary Sage & Parsley
Latina Fresh Kids Mini Ravioli Cheese & Vegetable
D'agostino Pizza Hawaiian
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$50 min order
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Pickup locations: Sydney Olympic Park,NSW, 2127
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Company Information
Woolworths Limited is a major Australian company with extensive retail interest throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Founded: 1924
Address: Sydney Olympic Park,NSW, 2127
Phone: 1800 000 610
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 6AM-12AM (6AM-1AM in DST), Sat 6AM-10:30PM, Sunday 8AM-10PM

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August 20, 2017
I purchased 1.2 kgs of premium mince at your supermarket and while eating it, there were tiny fragments of what I think was bone throughout it, which we did not finish. We describe it as GARBAGE, from now on we will be buying our meat at a butchers, it will cost us more but that's better than wasting money on such poor quality food.
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Centralian Alien
August 19, 2017
I have been a faithful customer of Woolworth's superstore, in Alice Springs, for 12 years or more. More often than not, I have shopped in that establishment daily.On my morning visit today (August 19, 2017), I was approached by a staff member who requested to examine the contents of my shopping bag. I agreed and showed the contents. He then accused me of stealing several items that were not listed on my receipt. I explained that some of the items were purchased the day before and had been left in the bag and locked up in my car - an oversight I tend to do more and more as I grow older.The staff member picked up a bottle of fruit juice and he said it was cold; therefore it must have been in a refrigerator - their refrigerator, and therefore I must have stolen it.I reminded him that some of our overnight desert temperatures often sunk below zero. That logic seemed to avoid his attention.He asserted that he was sure I had been stealing and the manager would be summoned.When the manager duly arrived, he said: "We have been watching you for some time.""Then why haven't you stopped me before now?" I asked. No response."I don't believe anything you have said," he continued self-righteously. "I think you have been stealing stuff and I am going to ban you from Woolworths for the next six months." "No, make that for ever," I said, "because I won't be shopping here ever again."He claimed all the items in my shopping bag as the property of Woolworths, including the items I had purchased that morning and clearly listed on the receipt, giving no thought to reimbursement.I could sense the manager was itching for a fiery argument, so I simply walked away. I could have pointed out to him that for a very long time customers had been complaining that Woolworths pay-out machines were consistently malfunctioning: failing to register items passed over the sensing panel, and also failing to issue receipts to customers. When staff were alerted to these problems, they usually just shrugged and walked away, uncaring."Feral Fella," Alice Springs, N.T.
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What does it matter
August 18, 2017
I've always been a dedicated Woolworths shopper spending over $1500 per month having a large family. This was at the Narellan Woolworths. On the 8/8/17 I spent over $700. It was late and as my partner and I were leaving my partner asked If it was possible to get a packet of smokes. The woman screamed at the top of her voice using language I can't repeat called him a selfish C word then called me an S word. We were horrified this was witnessed by a security officer who was also horrified. He gave his details and made a complaint to the management of the town centre. I made a complaint to the Woolworths complaint line both over the phone and in writing. They apologised and said that it was unacceptable behaviour and they took it very seriously. This woman gave the security officer an incorrect name so she blatantly lied. I went down to Woolworths tonight and yes she was on. Apparently she is a night manager. So if that's the sort of people Woolworths employ I'm no longer a fan. I will never enter a Woolworths store ever again and neither will any of my family. They don't take complaints seriously they don't give a dam. Just another number. Coles you will be getting a new customer. An absolute disgrace.Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview.com.au!1 person found this helpful, do you?Yes3 of 55 pages Prev Page123

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