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Falafel green cabbage slaw salad with capsicum and coriander topped with delicious sauce
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May 31, 2018
I found Pepperleaf by searching on line (before I found this site) and it is the only one I have found that does meals for 1 person. Food is fresh, great, easy and tasty recipies, and very responsive to enquiries and feedback.
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Susan Webster
April 18, 2018
I've tried 3 different food boxes and Pepper Leaf is my pick to stay with. Although the others were ok I had too many problems with not so fresh produce and even though they all give a discount etc when this happens I got sick of wondering what witless be off next. I felt that they were giving me produce that was really past its used by date. But my first box with Pepper Leaf was so good I didn't belive it at first. The vegetables were fresh and I mean really fresh. The fruit was crisp and jui ... (more) cy. And the meat was top quality. Plus its Australian owned and the support service is great, very quick to respond to questions. They have sold me, so I really think you should give it a go. (less)
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January 1, 2018
Portions will just a little smaller than expected, otherwise wonderful!
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August 13, 2017
I ordered a Pepper Leaf box containing ingredients to cook a greek salad and various proteins. Overall the experience was highly positive. Pepper Leaf is a service that provide ingredients for you to cook and I was surprised that I enjoyed the experience because I wouldn't have normally cooked these meals. I did feel that not providing greek yoghurt and it was a staple fridge ingredient shouldn't be expected by them. I didn't mind really but a note to buy it before receiving the package would ... (more) be a nice touch. The items were all loosely packed and I mixed up the ingredients so I was missing some for a meal (I do think it's my fault though!). Delivery was awesome. Price is competitive. I could tell it was fresh food, the recipes worked and the taste was splendid. Despite having to cook myself and costing around $10 (which for me is what I would happily pay for a meal without cooking it myself). I trust that the food was completely fresh and all the information on the website was true that they get the freshest ingredients from local farmers. Easy and as expected! Great Fedex level service in terms of delivery. I'll need to update this because it varied but I needed about another half a bowl of rice needed to fill me up completely. I think at $9.5 a meal it was probably worth it unless I eat Subway everyday. (less)
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Simon Kahil
May 13, 2017
Perfect every time, so fresh
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Chen Wang
March 26, 2017
Pepper Leaf 26 March 2017 About the reviewer: Chen eats all kinds of foods. It’s hard to keep him away from ice-cream. He has reduced his meat and dairy intake overall and is considered an explorative eater that is hard to fill up. INTRO Pepper Leaf prides itself on securing the freshest and most sustainable ingredients to deliver to you and I. They work closely with farmers and when I got my food I was one happy customer knowing the ingredients are fresh. They provide the perfect amount of ingr ... (more) edients with their recipes tested all over Australia. The only ‘difficulty’ is cooking the food but they make that simple too. FOOD For those new I will split up my review into sections. TasteQualityFreshness I haven’t tasted salmon, pork or vegetables this great for a while. The salmon was so good it was hard to know whether it was tasting delicious because it was my wonderful cooking or food quality. Packaged in sealed plastic for meats and other perishable, a trusty paper bag for veggies, I would happily pay $4,000 (if I had the money) for a business class ticket and more (is there such thing are premium business?) to receive this food while on a plane. It’s first rate and stayed fresh much longer than I expected. Quantity While I’m a small lad I eat a lot. Each meal filled me up nicely and this is perfect. It meant I didn’t need to supplement my purchase with more food and more preparation. This was the best feature. Usually meals I would need to add half to one bowl of rice to feel full (my comparable measure of quantity I use between supplier reviews) however with TFK I was completely full when I finished the meal. I know this may not make sense but I could have done with half a bowl of rice less of food and still be satisfied. Ease of UseDelivery Didn’t have to worry about it at all. Fedex quality delivery. Came in a large styrofoam box with gel ice packs over the meat and perishables. Ingredients all came through. It was a bit tricky finding the ingredients for one meal when you are cooking since they came in one combined package but I found that like a puzzle and I love puzzles. They contained *all* ingredients needed for the meal. The only thing personally needed is salt, pepper and olive oil which is kitchen essential in my mind. I did run out of olive oil for one meal and managed a delicious meal without. COSTS Time Costs Yes, you need to cook it yourself. Yes, you get to learn and try new food that you wouldn’t get to. The differentiating factor for Pepper Leaf recipes is that it’s been tested all over New Idea and various magazines so they know it’s good, simple and tasty. The downside is that their recipes calls on some non-kitchen essentials like greek yoghurt which you need to get separately. The food is exceptional. It really got me into the cook at home and have ingredients delivered. I was a deep deep sceptic until Pepper Leaf came along. In terms of cooking difficulty I would say it is around the level of ABC cooking shows (compared to Gordon Ramsay) and that is easy enough to follow (sometimes). Monetary costs I received $30 off through a discounts code provided by Pepper Leaf (still available at time of writing). Each full meal was approximately $7.50 (I want to put multiple exclamation marks . At this price it’s a bargain.). I am reminded of the freshness of the salmon, lamb and veggies so for a $12.50 meal that can fill me up I would order again. Taking a group cooking class is $100. This was so much fun. A nice date idea too :) Delivery Pain Some. Caveat to all of this: I did cause some of these issues myself. The first week I was away on delivery day and my housemates thought it was a good idea to leave the pepper leaf box on the kitchen counter for the whole day despite telling them to put all the ingredients into the fridge. Alas I lost some good food but was pleasantly surprised the other veggies survived a full week. The second order was delayed because of delivery issues of Pepper Leaf. I was home at the time but I got a text message explaining what had happened and that the delivery would be delayed by a day. All good. My housemate then woke up at around 3am to go for a walk. I have a few housemates so some of them do ridiculous things. Anyway, they found the package outside and left it outside my bedroom door (and not the fridge… again). I will give feedback that that night was extremely hot, one that set records, and that probably wasn’t the best place to put the package since I wouldn’t have got to it until morning. Overall it was fine. Easily order by Wednesday (free delivery!). Write down any instructions. Came Monday morning. Delivery person even rang the doorbell (no carding or left at the door). VERDICT Pepper Leaf is great. The quality of the food and the recipes is exceptionally high standard. The quantity of the dishes are suitable for a big eater, customer service was good (albeit self caused issues and various miscommuniqué) and I’m sure that Pepper Leaf has a bright future ahead. The author tried eight meals over two weeks at their personal expense. All opinions are their own. (less)

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