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Falafel green cabbage slaw salad with capsicum and coriander topped with delicious sauce
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Too busy to prepare wholesome nutritious foods at home, the team at Oz Soylent were immediately drawn to the revolutionary idea of Soylent in 2013. Since then they have developed their own DIY Soylent as a healthy meal replacement drink that is made in Australia using local ingredients whenever possible. They offer packs which provide 1 to 14 days supply. All handling and shipping costs are included in the product prices.

Founded: 2014
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Office Address: 10-11, 10-40 Burwood Highway, Burwood East VIC 3151 Australia
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1 Reviews

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Chen Wang
August 13, 2017
Oz Soylent 26 March 2017 About the reviewer: Chen eats all types of foods. He wants reduce the carbon footprint we create from meat eating and over consumption so he has reduced his meat and dairy intake overall and is considered an explorative eater that is hard to fill up. INTRO Oz Soylent is an Australian meal substitute company that provides low cost and low maintenance food fulfilment. What that means is instead of paying $20-$30 for a meal you pay $3 and you get a powder you mix with water ... (more) and that powder contains all, and I mean scientifically all, the nutrients, minerals and sustenance required to live off. I don’t know if it is everyone’s cup of tea but I wanted to try it to know if it was my cup of tea. I like tea. FOOD For those new I split up my review into these sections. TasteQualityFreshness You don’t have much to play with here. It’s a powder. There is no quality, freshness or taste. Literally. I was not surprised at all that I disliked the taste. It was like a strange oatmeal flavour. I bought the original flavour, vanilla, and chocolate. Within two meals I started loving it. I did cheat by putting in honey into the mixture but the vanilla flavour was my favourite. Chocolate wasn’t chocolate and the original flavour was a bit bland and strange. Nevertheless, within these two meals I had saved all up ninety minutes of my day preparing, shopping, cleaning after my meals. I want to put it in caps but I shall not. It’s epic. With just a smidge of honey I actually ate Oz Soylent for a full week. I must have saved six hours of my week. I’ll refrain from using capitalisation but I really want to. Six hours. I would probably wouldn’t expect this kind of food to exist in aeroplane food but if it had to be in a category it would be budget budget economy (or maybe futuristic space food). It was a great introduction to the world of soylent and I am entirely sold on those who are time poor and want to save money.. Quantity I have been told that I eat too much. Each meal filled me up nicely. It did feel like I should eat more food since I had only drunk a meal but my body was telling me I was full after finishing the drink. So much so I only had two meals a day even though each pack of Oz Soylent is for three meals. Each meal for me was only two dollars. Wowser. If gauged how hungry I would be after I don’t think I would need any extra bowls of rice to feel full (my comparable measure of quantity). Ease of UseDelivery It was super easy. I ordered. I selected the delivery option (drop at door or sign to receive). It got delivered in a cardboard box. I caveat it that they do not do redelivery and so if it wasn’t delivered you would not get your box so that’s why I selected drop at door. Fedex quality delivery though it was actually Courier Please. Came in individual plastic pouches with each pouch accounting for three meals. COSTS Time Costs Ummm. Negligible? Two minutes to order. Two minutes for a meal. “Eating” is a personal preferance since it’s really drinking time but clean up in one minute. No real cleaning, shopping, cooking. Almost nothing. The meals were as easy to prepare as pouring water and shaking (compared to Gordon Ramsay) and that made it super convenient. Monetary costs I received 13% off through a discounts code provided by Oz Soylent (still available at time of writing). Each full meal was approximately $2 (tremendous bargain). Normally approximately $3.50 for a meal per person. I like discovering new things and this is one of them. I would definitely order again. Oz Soylent brought back fondness of having time to a busy professional’s life. Delivery Pain None. I was afraid it wasn’t going to redeliver so I opted to leave at door. Order anytime and it usually arrives in one business day. Write down any instructions. Came next day actually. I would say it’s Fedex level service. VERDICT Oz Soylent is surprisingly awesome (this is a great podcast as well, surprisingly awesome). It is my cup of tea. Soylent could save the world. Try it before you knock it (add honey and it tastes awesome). There is no quality to the food but it is useful once in awhile when you are super busy. The author tried nine meals over two weeks at their personal expense. All opinions are their own. (less)

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