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Falafel green cabbage slaw salad with capsicum and coriander topped with delicious sauce
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2490 reviews
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40+ meals
$9.00 avg. dinner
Fish tacos with crunchy slaw and mango mayo
Spinach & fetta stuffed chicken with sweet potato mash
Lamb biryani with sweet currants & greek yoghurt
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HelloFresh delivers fresh ingredients with easy to follow recipes to your home each week. Cook fast healthy recipes designed by nutritionists and chefs. All of menus are overseen and developed by a dedicated HelloFresh team led by Australia Founder Tom Rutledge.

Founded: 2011
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Office Address: Level 2, 5-13 Queen St, Chippendale NSW 2008
Office Phone Number: +61 2 8188 8722
Office Opening Hours:
  • Fri 09:15 - 17:00

2490 Reviews

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October 15, 2018
I received a free box voucher from a friend. I placed the order and it was meant to be delivered Monday 15th October between 12am-7am. By 8am, it had still not arrived. When I enquired through Hello Fresh about my order status, I was told they would look into it and get back to me. 5 hours later I chased them again, and they finally informed me that the courier could not locate my address, even though the staff could on Google Maps. I was informed that I would receive my order the following day, ... (more) and $50 off my next order. This morning, my order has still not been received. I enquired again, and the staff at Hello Fresh informed me that the couriers again could not locate my address, and they have cancelled my order for this week. They provided me no further compensation, and no reason why the address could not be located (I live on a main road, it's not difficult to find). So now I have no meals for the week. They were polite, but unhelpful. Very unhappy with the customer service. (less)
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February 12, 2018
We love Hello Fresh. We're a couple and normally get the 4 meal box every other week. Super handy for us as we are very lazy when it comes to being prepared with recipes/shopping (I'm very uncreative when it comes to food). We don't own a car so I always dread doing an online shop and having to think of different meals for the week, Hello Fresh means we can do that a lot less. It's definitely not as cheap as getting ingredients yourself but it's cut down on the amount of takeaway we have so I fe ... (more) el like it pays for itself there! I love that you can pick & choose the meals now too (we've tried having a veg meal a week to cut down on meat). We've kept our favourite recipes and occasionally just use those and skip ordering a box. POSITIVES: - Forces you to try new recipes - Can keep the recipes you like for future - Easy to pick and choose how many/which meals you want - Straight to your door (Great for us on the 3rd floor!!) - Easy customer service (At least in my experience. I like the online chat) - NO FOOD SHOPPING OR PLANNING!! NEGATIVES: - The portion sizes vary. Sometimes it makes enough for 3 people and sometimes the portions are a bit small and we're still hungry. I'd say 95% is enough or more though so small portions aren't that common - and I get to reheat for lunch the next day on big ones so it's not too bad! - Spice levels vary. Sometimes we put the recommended amount of spice (chilli or spice mix) in and it's not that spicy at all, other times it's a bit too spicy, it's definitely a bit of roulette when it comes to heat levels. However they normally do say add to your taste so it's probably just us being bad at cooking to know how much to add. - Freebies have disappeared. In the first few months we occasionally got a free item (like a yoghurt or coffee pack) to try, that's since stopped. Not what I'm paying for so it's not a big negative but I did enjoy those! Definitely recommend for lazy folks like me! I'd love for them to start doing desserts or meal planning boxes in future. (less)
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December 14, 2017
i have never ordered anything from hello fresh. without my authorisation nor awareness they sent me two boxes and extorting money from me

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