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Falafel green cabbage slaw salad with capsicum and coriander topped with delicious sauce
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$8 avg. dinner
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$10 delivery
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$50 min order
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$8 avg. dinner

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$50 min order

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$10 delivery
Delivery fee notes: Free if over $100, delivery costs reduce depending on delivery time
Delivery notes: Don't need to be home for delivery
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Delivery days: Mon-Fri
Delivery times: 6AM-10PM
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Delivered in: Plastic bags
Company Information
Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd, trading as Coles, is an Australian supermarket chain owned by Wesfarmers.

Founded: 1914
Phone: 1800 455 400
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 7AM-10PM AEST

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August 20, 2017
Every time I shop at this store they either have run out of the item or don't carry it any more, for example Pepsie 2 litre original not the Max, every time I go into get it the shelf is empty and when they have it on special it's not even on the shelf at all only the diet stuff. Try and get Masterfoods sweet and sour sauce that is never there and I used to get it at Coles, now the hamburger buns buttercup or tip top not sure of the brand but every time I go to get it and if it is mid week mid afternoon there is none, now every deli carries this product and should have it but not Coles, was told don't have it. Come on what do you have. I came across a lady looking around the shelves the same as me and we kept on getting in each others way and she was having the same problem I was having, don't have the item and the lady said this happens a lot at this store and it was annoying her as well. These are just few of the basic every day items and there are more items that don't exist at this store like Waffles not the frozen type and I was given a rain check over 12 months ago and still haven't seen them, another one is the packaged ham diced only seem to find the diced bacon again missing in action. Then there is the fresh fruit and vegies section, well if they call this fresh I hate to see bad. They sell iceburg lettuce with about an 1-2 inch stork and a very very small head it's like some one has been removing most of the leaves from the stork and there is a box full of same thing selling them for a high price when they shouldn't be selling them at all and the tomatoes there were only a few in the boxes and they were either green or going off and I sent picture to Coles to show them of this as it happens quite often and contacted them twice to complain but still no improvement and I think Head Office don't care. I am just wasting time and fuel to go to the local Coles I would be better off just driving a little bit further a field and going to Woolworth to get the product or the quality produce I want. Coles is too busy trying to push the brand names off the self to sell their own brands and you can notice the difference between the coles brand and the top brand and Pepsie is one item to name one. So why would I shop at Coles oh sorry that's Woolies ad. Woolies here I come! Coles if you want your customers back you really need to do a reality check. Coles senior staff should go to Carlingford Court and see how busy Woolies is and if anything, the amount of Customers there tells you what people feel about Coles and Coles well put it this way you won't have to cue at the Carlingford Coles but North Rocks needs to improve its stock lines and it's fresh section before I go back. I don't work at woolies and never worked there or know anyone who does. But if I start shopping at Woolies I'll will find things they don't have as well because they are doing the same thing and pushing brand names out to put their own brand in. We want choice and quality.
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August 16, 2017
I love shopping at coles i always get great service and friendly team meambers!! Its great that there coles brand water is always stocked and cheap
Coles Acquired star Coles Non-acquired star Coles Non-acquired star Coles Non-acquired star Coles Non-acquired star
August 16, 2017
Just cooked up my Hawaiian pizza (coles brand) and there's no cheese. Seriously. Going to woolworths from now on. It's not only the pizza it's the service the range of food and the service is terrible all round.

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