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How Meal Delivery Services Can Help Me Save Time and Money

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The way we are eating is changing

Meal delivery services are changing up our eating routines and in great, big ways. Thanks to digital technology, a whole new wave of offerings and options are now literally available at our fingertips.

The best part? Just about anyone could benefit from meal boxes - singles, working couples, housewives and families. Too tired from a long day at work? Run out of inspiration on what to prepare for dinner? With a one-stop meal comparison site such as CompareMeals, you can easily find meals that are already prepared, or meals that you can prepare yourself with everything you need.

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Not to mention that these meal kits can actually help save you plenty of time and money. Take for example, a Classic Box from HelloFresh. You'd pay $69.95 for three meals to feed two people, which comes down to $11.66 per meal. At first glance it might seem pricey, but give it a thought you might not be able to spend less than that at the grocery store for a wholesome meal inclusive of proteins, grains and fresh vegetables.

Besides, there are also plenty of deals and discounts that can help you to save even more. Chen Wang, co-founder of CompareMeals, says he uses the comparison service weekly to find great discounts and has saved up to 50% on his food! preparing meals delivery food

Freeing up your cooking time can give you greater peace of mind

You could also save yourself the hassle and time spent wheeling through aisles with a grocery cart. I don't know about you, but grocery shopping isn't on my list of favourite things to do. I mean, I could be doing much more productive things with that time! However, for most people, a trip to the grocery store is a must at least every week or every couple days. Grocery shopping statistics show that the average shopping trip takes about 41 minutes. Multiply that by the average of 1.5 trips per week, that's more than 53 hours you're spending in a grocery store each year!

That's also excluding the time you spending waiting for public transport, or getting through traffic as you travel to-and-fro. A meal box sitting at your front door would mean one less grocery trip, and more time for the things that truly matter.

Want to save more time and skip over the entire kitchen preparation process? Pre-prepared meals will be your best friends. However, we understand the woes of Googling and browsing through the seemingly endless list of meal providers. With CompareMeals, save yourself the hassle easily find and compare meal delivery services that deliver to your area, all on one fuss free site!

By Stacy Luna