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11 reasons to try meal delivery services (pick up hot single women in your area)

Prepared meal and meal kit delivery services deliver meals for the week to your door. They deliver bulk meal packages such as meal kits, individual meals, or meal satchels that can easily be prepared at home with minimal effort. But why should you order home delivered meals? What are they good for? In perhaps the first great listicle on meal comparisons services in Australia, I am about to give you 11 good reasons to try prepared meal and meal kit delivery services. Feel free to use these reasons to try pick up hot single women in your area. They probably won’t work, but we’d appreciate the advertising. Please also look for MILFs (mothers I’d like to feed) and tell them about us.

1. Meal delivery services are booming

There are over 200 meal and meal kit delivery services in Australia, the current home of CompareMeals. Some like Youfoodz and Marley Spoon are growing at ridiculous rates. Of course, Australia is the center of the world and always at the forefront of innovation. So what about lesser regions of earth? Well there is also rapid growth there too: Hellofresh is the fastest growing company in Europe, and Blue Apron Plated, Chef’d, Home Chef, and Purple Carrot have millions of American customers. So what is the take home message? People are trying these services, seeing the difference, and sticking with them.

2. Meal delivery services are the way of the future

So why are meal delivery services are booming all over the world? That’s because they are the way of the future. Big names in technology expect that most people will get their meals cooked and delivered in the future. David D’angelo, the CEO of Quora, thinks that “in the long term[…] most people will likely get all their meals via delivery”. Impartial food startup founders like Eric Kim, argue that “online orders are expected to surpass offline orders sometime within the next decade”. Even the biggest of commentators agree. Bill Gates, in private correspondence that I have no record of, told me himself that he thinks that “Software is a thing of the past but meal delivery services are the way of the future”. We should have offered him that position.

3. Ordering from meal delivery services saves time

Do you value your time? You probably should. People who value time rather than money are happier and rightly so. Money is a fickle beast. One minute you have it and then the next it falls out of your pockets when you recline. And don’t even get me started on those bitcoins. You don’t get any of that nonsense from time.

Unfortunately we often waste time to save money. The average Australian spends more than 78 hours a year grocery shopping, not even including transport time, unpacking and remonstrating with crying children. You can save this time and keep the cooking by ordering from meal kit services. People who don’t want to cook can save even more time. Our research suggests that most people average 16 hours a day preparing and cleaning up meals. Sources that have more to gain from being truthful put the figure at just over 2 hours. Even those who eat out or order food from lose time ordering and waiting for their meals to arrive and/or be ready. All in all this suggests that switching to a meal delivery service, like Lite n Easy, could save you something like 808 hours a year - a massive amount of time.

4. Ordering from meal delivery services saves money

Many people can actually save money by ordering meals. Sure, getting a nice meal delivered to your house is going to cost more than eating butter and toast. But not many people can eat cheap all the time. I mean who cares if it is a Tuesday, if you don’t eat caviar? If, like many people, you eat out several times a week then it is going to be much cheaper to have some of those meals at home, even if they come from gourmet meal services.

Another way to save money by ordering meals is by using time saved to make more money. Yes that is kind of not really evidence for my claim but bear with me - I have a service to promote here. Time is money - how much do you value an extra hour to do what you want? Research suggests that most people value an hour of their time at more than their current pay rate. By this estimation, an average Australian values saving 2 hours a days as much as $36 dollars - enough money for two days of bus riding in Latvia. Is that really a compromise that you are willing to make?

5. Ordering from meal delivery services reduces stress

For many people, including myself, cooking and grocery shopping are stressful and contribute to stress and mental exhaustion. One thing is missing from the fridge and you can’t make your beans on toast. Then you have to go to the store, which is like a million miles away, and then where is that fucking kale when you want it? Always sold out. Now no beans on toast. I don’t actually cook, but I hope that my example shows that I understand what most people go through.

Research shows that having to make decisions contributes to decision fatigue (duh). So yeah, there is a reason that people outsource their washing and cleaning and why the best way to spend money seems to be to use it to get rid of unwanted tasks and buy time. It's the same reason why having your meals ready to eat when you want them makes a life less stressful.

6.Ordering from meal delivery services increases individual choice

Remember that time you cooked a meal you liked? Me neither. Sadly, many of us are picky eaters with a much larger need for variety than our ability to cook. This is another huge advantage of meal delivery services - you don’t have to eat that pasta mix that you have been making and freezing since 1983. You can break the sacred cycle of meals that you inherited from your parents. Meal delivery services give you the chance to try something new some or all of the time. All of that variety without the necessary trips to buy more kale. CompareMeals lists a huge range of meals allowing even the most picky eater to find something new and tasty to eat. Ordering from meal delivery services reduces food-waste.

7. There are services entirely dedicated to reducing food waste.

Good on them I say - as my parents always said wasting food is an offence to the starving kids in Africa. There might also be other good reasons not to do it. So why do people waste food? One big reason is the basic biology we all learn from our parents: that people’s eyes are literally larger than their stomachs. Meal delivery services can help to overcome this failure of intelligent design by giving you all the food you want in the right portion sizes and/or ready to freeze and keep for when you need it.

8. Ordering from meal delivery services can help with weight loss

Lots of people want to lose weight and that is often hard to do. Meal delivery services help with weight loss by providing people with tasty, filling and portion controlled meals that can reduce the temptation for cannibalism. You can even get coaching and emotional support included with services like jenny craig and dietlicious.

9. Ordering from meal delivery services brings people together

Realistically, no-one bonds over grocery shopping. When I was little I would run away from my parents in the supermarket. Grocery shopping literally tore my family apart until old ladies found me crying and and returned me to my mother. Unlike grocery shopping, eating food with humans you like has been an integral part of human life since at least the 1990s. So much has happened around the breaking of bread - probably even more than just bread making and baking, although that has surely been very common.

Thankfully, meal delivery services help to connect people over food by giving them time to eat together. Meal kit services help people to connect over cooking. Other services give them the chance to enjoy easier and more stress-free meals at home. In fact, if I can briefly be serious, our desire to help more people enjoy sharing meals together like we did was one of main reasons why we created this startup in the first place.

10. Ordering from meal delivery services can help with healthy eating

As Mark Twain once said about cigarettes, quitting unhealthy food is so easy that we have all done it (and relapsed) a thousand times. So why is it so hard to consistently eat well? Is it taxes, immigrants or the fake news? Are our hands too small?

Fortunately, this is another area where meal delivery can help. People who eat out tend to eat less healthily than those who eat at home and people who order healthy meals tend to eat them. Even our own study of meal delivery services users (including myself and my girlfriend and excluding all others) found that 100% of participants strongly agreed that they ate more healthily when they had healthy meals prepared for them. If you pay for healthy meals to be prepared for you and delivered to your home but still don’t eat them, well then, I don’t know, you’re an exception or something and ruining my article. Stop it.

11. Ordering from meal delivery services can help with switching to more ethical eating choices

Remember that time you watched earthlings and decided that this was the last pet dog that you’d ever eat? You’re not alone - this type of moral conflict is happening to many of us; Australia has one of the largest percentage of vegetarians in the world and is one of the fastest growing markets. It is probably because the koalas are cute but also smelly. Good news for Rover nonetheless. Let him off the chain. Good boy.

Are you eating dog instead of bagel? Be careful.

One big problem for many vegan or vegetarians is that they don’t know what to eat. Another is that they can’t make friends with salad. Meal delivery service help with both these issues as you can easily become a more ethical human consumer while also deviating from the diet of a rabbit. A whole range of affordable vegan and vegetarian options are available at places like vegan mama and soulara.

And that is it my friends. All good things must come to an end, even promotional listicles. So which of these reasons persuaded you most? Do you have more reasons to add? Please get in touch at info@comparemeals.com.au if you have feedback or comments. We would love to hear them.