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About Us

What does CompareMeals do?

For food buyers

CompareMeals helps you to save time and money when ordering from meal delivery services. Find the meal delivery services that work best for you and avoid getting bad deals. Who does vegan and gluten free? The largest meals? Delivery to your area? We can quickly answer all these and more questions, without making you invest hours searching for information. We also work with services to make it easier for you to get exclusive individual and group discounts, especially if you live with, or near, others who want to sign up for the same service.

For food services

CompareMeals helps you to grow your business. We capture your important details - for example, where you sell, what you sell, and how you deliver - so that we can connect you with potential customers. We also make it easy for you to set up group and individual deals that encourage customers to join.

Why did we build CompareMeals?

Millions of people worldwide are taking advantage of services that provide them with affordable, healthy, and tasty meals, while freeing them of the 10 hours or more they would normally need to spend shopping, cooking, and cleaning up and the stress that can involve. However, millions of people still cook and eat alone, often at a cost to their well-being, wallet and social life.

One reason why people still cook and eat alone is that they do not know their options for meal delivery and how good these options are. This is why we built CompareMeals to make it easy for Australians to find the best meal delivery services and deals for them. We want to accelerate the future of food in Australia: to help great meal services to get more customers and to help more people to enjoy easier, cheaper and more enjoyable ways to eat, like we already do.

Our team

We (the team behind CompareMeals) are passionate about finding and promoting more enjoyable, efficient, and affordable ways to eat.

Just like the future of travel and transport, we believe that the future of food is going to be much more convenient, communal and exciting than what came before it. We foresee times when the meals you want are in your fridge ready to eat rather than 30 or more minutes of preparing, ordering or walking away. Times when sharing catered healthy dinners with your family is as common as having a cleaner.

Currently our team involves three full-time co-founders.

Founder of CompareMeals, Peter Slattery

Peter Slattery


Prior to committing to working on CompareMeals, Peter completed a PhD in Information Systems at the University of New South Wales examining how to use websites to encourage philanthropy and volunteering. Peter likes the efficiency of outsourcing food preparation. He uses meal delivery services to find efficient and healthy vegan meals. In addition to food hacking, Peter is passionate about Effective Altruism and social improvement.
Founder of CompareMeals, Hayden Smith

Hayden Smith


Hayden recently completed a Software Engineering degree at the University of New South Wales. Hayden has a keen interest in nutrition and cooking and has trialled many different diets including vegan and raw food. He uses meal delivery services to get ingredients and recipes for meals that he can prepare. Outside of his interest in food, Hayden is keenly interested in robotics and solar car engineering. He was project director for the UNSW team that set a world record for the fastest solar car travelling over 500km.
Founder of CompareMeals, Chen Wang

Chen Wang


Chen is a chartered accountant and taxation lawyer with over ten years of business advisory experience. He travels and spends his time navigating the interesting world of startups. He used to eat out (more than he should) which was very expensive. He uses CompareMeals to get healthier and cheaper options. Outside of CompareMeals, Chen is passionate about volunteering and recently came back from Vanuatu after spending two weeks with World Vision. On weekends he’s a big brother in the Big Brother Big Sister program.

Our story

We met while studying at UNSW. In the summer of 2011, Peter Slattery, and Chen Wang founded the 'Fine Dining Club' in International House UNSW along with twelve other international students. Many meals and memories were were shared over that three month period. Peter loved the efficiency of eating without having to prepare. Chen loved eating with others but also liked cooking for them. They both loved the convenience, novelty and company.

To make social cooking easier, Peter, and Chen devoted their spare time to developing a free platform called Foodinger. In 2012, a prototype of this system won an award in the IEEE/IBM Smarter Planet Challenge and a government grant for a networking trip to Silicon Valley. Later we gained a spot in the UNSW Venture Space facility and free equipment, office space and mentoring. Around that time we met Hayden Smith, a food fanatic computer science student. After many games of tennis, and a lot of collaboration he became our co-founder. Now, having taken time off our work, we live and eat together, and work on this full-time.

Our values

We don’t want to just make money, we want to create value for all people who use our service. If you want to buy or sell meals online and we don’t make your life easier for you then we would love to hear how we could do better.

We want to create communities connected around food. We believe that food is supposed to be created, and eaten, together and that connected communities are the way to do this.

We want to build a company that makes the world better for all of us and be part of the solution to social problems. Yes, social problems are massive problems, and yes our influence is small but we want to use it for good nonetheless. Food for the homeless, fundraising or nudges to encourage healthy eating - once we get going we hope to promote all these good deeds and more.